Some people do not support medical practice based on their religion. For example, most Christians and Catholics do not support abortion because they believe abortion is murdering a child, therefore, is against God. The debate on abortion has been discussed for many years. There are many medical practiced beyond abortion that is not supported by some specific religions. It covers other medical procedures that are covered by the health insurance. Other people religion do not support practices covered by the health insurance such as birth control, contraception and the withdrawal of a life support system. Most of the health insurances cover birth control, and most people use the system to protect themselves from getting pregnant. 


Some of the religious followers do not support the ideas of their religious leaders depending on their personal beliefs. About the life support system, some people would not agree to shut off the life support system. But the insurance cannot support the high bills incurred by the patient hence the people involved opt for the shutting off of the support system. People with the same illness or the similar health issues all react differently on their healing process and their surgical procedures. According to some studies, there is a benefit in having a positive attitude towards your healing process. Sometimes people believe in healing in the power of prayers or when they participate in their religious ceremonies. With proper medical treatment, a positive mind and be positively occupied it helps in a persons healing process. This is how it works, have a positive mind, think of your healing, eliminate all the negative thoughts and then aim at finishing the healing journey. A patient should train themselves to wake up each morning with positive thoughts to enable them to start the day well. They ought to thank God at all times. They should also thank Him even in hard times since tough times help people get more experience to handle even harder situations in their lives. Religion helps a person to think of their spiritual ways in making positive changes in their life.

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Scientific research analyses the connection between religious practice, prayers, and health in general. According to the research found there is a link between spiritual practice and good health. Some of the studies show that those individuals with religious commitments have few mental and physical disorders symptoms. The studies suggest that they have minimal risks of diseases such as cancer and other heart disease.